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Crownpoint Rug Weavers Association
40 years 1968 to 2008

Wayne Connell Auctioneer
Mountain Air, NM

Take a Southwest vacation, and be nice to your pocketbook!
Decorate your home in style for less. Stock up on presents everyone will appreciate. The money you save buying directly from the artists will help pay for your vacation.


We are the main rug auction and craft sale on the Navajo Reservation. Leave behind the usual tourist fare and see hundreds of exquisite handmade Navajo rugs. Our tribe's rugs are world famous, and New Mexico is beautiful!|
Before the actual auction, you can hold rugs in your hands and appreciate them up close. Some sell for $50 or less, and some sell for thousands of dollars. Even if you don't buy anything, you are in for a treat. No two rugs are alike!!


Rug Viewing - Photo by Anne Galer

Rug Viewing - Photo by Anne Galer

Before and during the auction, a truly large number of Native American crafts people have their wares on sale. You will be astounded at the jewelry, pottery, beadwork, and other items. Many pieces of jewelry, for example, are on sale for $5. You would have to pay two or three times more to purchase the same items elsewhere.

Sorry, we cannot accept personal checks from the outside of the United States

Vendor space fees are 4 by 3 foot $15.00, 5 by 3 foot $20.00
You provide your own tables and chairs.
Setup around 3:30 p.m.

Both the rugs and the crafts are major sources of income for our tribe. If you purchase any of these, you will be doing yourself and us a favor.

Weavers waiting for auction to begin. - Photo by Anne Galer

Weavers waiting for auction to begin. - Photo by Anne Galer

Where to Stay

Their is no lodging in Crownpoint.
You can stay in you RV in front of the auction at the school for free.

Motel accommodations are available just off of I-40 in Gallup (50 miles west of Thoreau) and Grants (30 miles east of Thoreau)
Note: Train whistles run all night every 30 minutes in Gallup and Grant.

I always stay at the Window Rock Quality Inn Navajo Nation Capital.
(No train noise.)

The following motels are found in Gallup, Grants, and Farmington: Holiday Inn, Super 8, Best Western, Holiday Inn Express, Motel 6, etc.

Manager Corbin Ellsworth - Photo by Anne Galer

Manager Corbin Ellsworth - Photo by Anne Galer

Crownpoint Rug Weavers Association
P. O. Box 1630
Crownpoint, New Mexico 87313

Corbin Ellsworth- General Manger
email at

New Location; New Crownpoint Elementary School